Most of the time things are okay. I’m stressed out about school, college, and my lack of a social life. Just normal things that most people worry about. Bit then sometimes things just suddenly take a turn for the worst. One small thing gets to me and now I can’t focus. Suddenly, all I can think…

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You.. You were the one Who made me feel beautiful.. and that I had a reason to be here, I feel like I didn’t have to try… You loved me so much. It kills me knowing you would do anything in your power to make me smile… Make me feel ok, I tried so hard to love you. More then once, I wanted to be in…

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I fucking love this album.

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Dissecting Consciousness

Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku describes his new theory of consciousness.



Just here me out, okay? This isn’t like some of the posts on here, and this stuff is coming from my heart, genuinely. I know a lot of people who think this way will laugh, even get some sort of satisfaction at this post. Thinking, “oh no, a cishet is uncomfortable?? being oppressed?? doesn’t like being labeled?? hahahaha how does it feel cishet scum!!!” But… it does hurt, you know? You guys all say you were oppressed much worse than this. Shouldn’t that mean you wouldn’t want anyone to feel the same pain you felt? I’m not comparing our pains or struggles. I haven’t had any problems with my sexuality or my gender. But that’s not my problem.

I was born white. I didn’t choose it. You guys act like it’s a joke to laugh at my skin color, but do you realize I’ve never hurt or said anything offense to anyone about their ethnicity? We’re all human after all, right? That’s why I don’t get it. You guy’s whole thing is “I didn’t choose to be born like this, it’s the way I am!” Well, I can’t help I’m a woman that is attracted to men. Nor can I help the fact that I am comfortable being a woman and identifying as such. I’ve never saw a difference in any of us, or recognized any of it as a bad thing. I love diversity in this world. The more shades of people there are, the merrier, and that goes with skin tone and sexuality. For me, literally all you have to do is tell me how you identify and how you want me to speak to you, and I will understand.

And I want what’s best for everyone. I want everyone to be equal! I hope that one day, a white cishet person can look to a black non-binary pansexual person and not think anything of it! I sincerely do! I hate what any of you go through, it really makes me sad! And it also makes me sad to see that we’re backtracking. Instead of all trying to move towards equality together, it’s becoming a trend to hate people who aren’t oppressed. Even those who reach out to you, you shun because we aren’t a minority. I want to be an ally to you. I want to fight for equality with you. After all, what good is it for me to say, “I believe everyone should be equal!” when the people I’m trying to defend are saying “Die cishet scum!”? Kinda goes against my entire movement when the very people I want to fight for are fighting against me.

Just… can we all try to love each other? Please? There are some bad apples out there, I’ll agree with you. I’ve gotten into an arguement with many cishet people at my school about equality. For many it’s a useless battle. But there are good cishet people out there. Shut out the ones that hurt you, but keep the ones that want to help you. Because we do exist, and whether you believe it or not, my feelings are genuine. I will get hate for this, I know I will. I just want you to know that no matter what, I still hope for equality for you, no matter what you think. Because even if what you say makes me sad, I want everyone to be equal. 

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🆕The Mainstream (2014)


Have you seen that one
about Kardashian
Justin made a fever
called the Beliebers
Even Miley Cyrus
The “banger” slipped right by us
The mainstream scene
See what I mean?

Hollywood signs
playing with your mind
& you pretend
You don’t see the trend
Lost in technology
Cuz fuck…

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"You think we’re a civilization that’s moving forward? Well, I’m sorry my friend but we’re going backwards. The internet is giving us the illusion that we’re coming closer together. We can instantly connect with people all over the world so we have the illusion that we’re getting closer to each other, but we’re not, we’re getting more intolerant.
The consciousness of the people is not growing. We’re sharing information. We’re becoming instantly famous. We haven’t earned that fame. We haven’t worked for it. We’re just pressing a button. Our level of consciousness is not evolving, and that is the root of the problem."

- Madonna (via hybridspirit)
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